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Supporting data for Zuo et al., Early Earth’s Phaneritic Ultramafic Rocks: Plate Tectonic Mantle Slices or Crustal Cumulates?

posted on 18.03.2021, 01:16 by Jiawei ZuoJiawei Zuo, Andrew Alexander Gordon WebbAndrew Alexander Gordon Webb, Emily J. Chin, Jason Harvey, Peter J. Haproff, Thomas Mueller, Qin Wang, Lukáš Ackerman, Arthur Hickman, Dominik Sorger, Anthony Ramírez-Salazar
This dataset includes petrological and geochemical data from ultramafic rocks sampled from the Isua supracrustal belt and the East Pilbara Terrane.


American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund (PRF-53549-ND8)

start-up funds from the University of Hong Kong

the General Research Fund of the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (#17305718)

institutional support RVO67985831 of the Institute of Geology of the Czech Academy of Sciences