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Supporting data for Zuo et al., Tectonics of the Isua Supracrustal Belt 2: Microstructures Reveal Distributed Strain in the Absence of Major Fault Structures

posted on 2021-01-10, 02:21 authored by Jiawei Zuo, Andrew Alexander Gordon WebbAndrew Alexander Gordon Webb, Sandra Piazolo, Qin Wang, Thomas Mueller, Peter J. Haproff, Anthony Ramírez-Salazar
This dataset contains petrographic and structural information for some rock samples from the Eoarchean Isua supracrustal belt, SW Greenland. This dataset is used in Zuo et al. submitted.


Seed Fund for Basic Research grant (project code: 201610159002) from the University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Research Grants Council via a General Research Fund grant (project code: 17305718)