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Access to Late Life Depression Care

Reason: The dataset combine data collected by the author as well as another project which is not authorized for publication. The content is being prepared for publication therefore won't go public in short.

Supporting data for the thesis "Access to Care among Older Adults with Mental Health Problems: Measurement, Inequity, and the Impact of a Task-Shifting Approach"

posted on 2021-09-15, 07:09 authored by Xinxin CaiXinxin Cai
The current data was collected for Study 3 in the author's thesis, titled "The Impact of a Task-Shifting Approach on Access to Care among Older Adults with Depressive Symptoms in Hong Kong". The sample include 167 older adults at risk of or with depressive symptoms. Information on their demographic and socioeconomic status, health and mental health status, and access to service are included in the dataset.


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