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Dataset(Chapter 3) & Dataset(Chapter 4)

Reason: these two folders contain unpublished data and also the codes that are currently private in their github repositories.







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Supporting data for the thesis entitled "Interpretable deep learning methods for biological sequencing data".

posted on 2023-09-11, 02:54 authored by Weizhong ZhengWeizhong Zheng

This datahub includes sequencing data that were used to develop the new methods for Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 of the PhD thesis "Interpretable deep learning methods for biological sequencing data"

Under the main folder Dataset, there are three sub-folders. They contain the intermediate results and the code to reproduce the figures for each chapter. Each of the folders is named after Dataset(Chapter X) and has the structure of:

  • Raw : The datasets we used to develop the methods are all publicly available. Under the raw folder, you will find a txt file that directs you to the download link for all the raw data.
  • Processed :This folder contains the intermediate results that were built on the public dataset. For example, the analysis results using our proposed methods. In addition, we also uploaded some source data that can be used to draw the figures.
  • Script : The Script folder has two kinds of code:
    • The source code of the Python package we developed The package can be installed directly.
    • The jupyter notebooks demonstrate how to use our packages and the process of generating figures.