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Supporting data for thesis entitled "Distinct vestibular neuron subtypes contribute to navigation and motor coordination"

posted on 2023-08-10, 04:55 authored by Xiaoqian HuXiaoqian Hu

This dataset comprises research studies exploring the intricate networks and functional roles of various neuron types in the brain. The studies focus on molecular, connectivity, and electrophysiological properties of specific neuron populations, such as somatostatin (SST) and parvalbumin (PV) neurons in different brain regions. These investigations shed light on the contribution of these neurons to complex behaviors, including sensory processing, cognitive functions, and motor coordination. By analyzing the molecular profiles, connectivity patterns, and electrophysiological characteristics of these neurons, we gain insights into their specific roles in neural circuitry and their implications for behavior. These findings have important implications for understanding brain function and potential therapeutic interventions for neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.


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