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Supporting data for thesis title, Role of Collagen XXII in the development, maintenance and repair of articular cartilage

posted on 2023-08-11, 09:29 authored by Aqsa RubabAqsa Rubab

The data belongs to study carried out for the in vivo investigation of role of Collagen XXII, an extracellular matrix protein, localised at the junction between synovial membrane and articular cartilage of knee joint by using a mouse model having non functional Collagen XXII. Moreover, the human embryonic cells  (hESCs) were targeted at Joint progenitor key markers; Lgr5 and Col22a1   for the insertion of reporters, GFP and EBFP using CRISPR-Cas9, followed by recapitulation of the in vivo joint development events to in vitro generate joint progenitor cells using targeted human ESCs  by in vitro differentiation and in future use them as right cells to mount repair for articular cartilage. The dataset is divided into 5 sections, namely : Chapter 3 gait studies, Chapter 3-Histology, Chapter 3-analysis of SZ and AC marker, Chapter 4- CRSIPR-Cas9 and Chapter 5-In vivo differentiation. It includes all the related Tiff, Jpeg files and qPCR related files for data analysis.