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the whole dataset related to the thesis

Reason: involve sensitive and unpublished dataset

Supporting dataset for " Understanding the Cell Heterogeneity and Tumor Progression of Giant Cell Tumor of Bone at Single-Cell Resolution"

posted on 2022-07-26, 08:19 authored by Shan HanShan Han


This dataset includes clinical information of all GCTB samples used for scRNA_seq, raw_counts_matrix data for each sample, H3.3G34W mutation detected on each cell for each patient sample, doublets predicted in each sample, figures, results, and script related to the thesis; includes raw datasets DEG and pathway analysis results, figures, and scripts for two bulk RNA seq experiments; includes raw histology, immunofluorescence and multiplex IHC images, merged figures, intensity score analysis measurements and GraphPad statistical analysis and plots; includes raw data, processed figures, and GraphPad statistical analysis and plots related to the flow cytometry, western blotting, and cell viability assay in the thesis.