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The Island Chain Strategy

posted on 2022-08-15, 06:38 authored by Chun Yin Man, David Alexander PalmerDavid Alexander Palmer


The conceptualized lines (The first, second, and third island chains) and strategic locations of the Island Chain Strategy, a containment plan conceived by American foreign policy statesman John Foster Dulles. 

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All data were digitized from the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s 2006 annual report to congress: Military Power of the People’s Republic of China. For metadata, such as data description and available methods for geospatial data processing, please read the readme.pdf.

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This dataset features in a collection of geospatial data "Geo-mapping databases for the Belt and Road Initiative". To cite this work, available citation styles can be found here:  


CRF grant no. C7052-18G, “Infrastructures of Faith: Religious Mobilities on the Belt and Road”