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Supporting data for ADAR1-mediated RNA editing of SCD1 drives drug resistance and self-renewal in gastric cancer

posted on 2023-06-26, 02:33 authored by Jia Jian LohJia Jian Loh

Dataset for thesis containing immunoflurescene, western blot and Annexin V PI flow cytometry data. 

These data were used to support that ADAR1 promotes the abundance of SCD1 to confer chemoresistance to intestinal subtype gastric cancer organoid to be resistant to 5FU+CDDP combination therapy. Immunofluorescene and Western blot was used to show that ADAR1 and SCD1 are indeed higher in the resistant organoids. Western blot was also used to demonstrate that ADAR1 is upregulated by IFN/JAK2/STAT3 signaling. Annexin V PI flow cytometry confirmed that ADAR1 and SCD1 expression level influence the chemoresistance properties of the resistant organoids. 


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