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Reason: The datasets include confidential and sensitive data collected from private interviews with drug abusers and drug treatment and rehabilitation services, that contained details of the drug-abusing history, current drug using situation, and quality of life related to drug abuse.

Supporting data for “Not just abstinence but a better life: Understanding the quality of life of psychotropic drug abusers in Hong Kong

posted on 2023-06-26, 03:02 authored by Xinyi WeiXinyi Wei

The data files consist of various datasets collected for the mixed-method study on the quality of life for pscyhotropic drug abusers in Hong Kong. The datasets include both qualitative and quantitative data gathered from pscychotropic drug absuers and drug treatment and rehabilitation service providers. The qualitative data provide in-depth insights into experiences, perspectives, and insights of drug abusers and service providers, while the quantitative data files contain information on participant demographics, history of drug use, frequency of drug use, views on drug use, and views on quality of life related to drug abuse. The quantitative datasets were collected through structured surveys for some demographic information, drug use information and some well-being measurements.


Beat Drugs Fund (Project number: BDF170066)


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