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Supporting data for “Peroxidase- and Photosensitizer-Mediated Proximity Labeling for Mitochondria-associated Transcriptome Analysis in Live Cells”

posted on 2023-07-21, 03:00 authored by Jiying LiangJiying Liang

Folder 1: Confocal microscope data

Includes confocal images in tif format.

Short description: The data were collected using confocal microscope (Leica) to examine the colocalization of labeling sites and commercial organelle trackers. 

Folder 2: Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) data

Includes proton (1H) and carbon-13 (13C) spectra in MNOVA format.

Short description: NMR data were collected using Bruker Advanced spectrometers to characterize the purity of our probes, and all NMR spectra were analyzed using MestReNova reader software.

Folder 3: UV-Vis absorption spectra data

Includes absorbance analysis of our probes in xlsx format.

Short description: UV-Vis absorption spectra were collected using Varian Cary 50 spectrometer to provide information of excitation wavelengths.

Folder 4: Spectrofluorometer (FL) data

Includes: FL spectra data in xlsx format.

Short description: FL spectra data were collected using the FS5 spectrofluorometer (Edinburgh Instruments).

Probes displayed the fluorescence intensities and peaks.

Folder 5: Dynamic light scattering (DLS) data

Includes: DLS data in xlsx format.

Short description: DLS (Zetasizer Pro, Malvern, Germany) was utilized to determine the size distribution of our probes.

The ZS Xplorer software was used to analyse the hydrodynamic diameter of each test.





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