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Supporting data for “Cocrystal Engineering of Pharmaceutical Solids: Preparation Methods, Characterization, and Therapeutic Potentials.

posted on 2023-06-07, 08:44 authored by Si Nga WongSi Nga Wong

Cocrystal engineering has gained tremendous popularity in the past decade thanks to its capability in modifying the pharmaceutical properties of drugs, including solubility, dissolution rate, stability, etc. Achieving efficient cocrystal screening has long been a paramount objective, especially when cocrystal formation is mediated by the amorphous intermediate phase. This folder contains the raw PXRD, DSC, and FTIR data for characterizing the successful synthesis of novel and elusive cocrystals. The cocrystals were obtained by different kinetic methods, such as rapid solvent removal and mechanical grinding. The data can facilitate the expansion of the solid-state landscape of pharmaceuticals.


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