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Supporting data for “Label-free morphological profiling of immune cells: methods and applications

posted on 2023-10-03, 03:42 authored by Chi Kai HoChi Kai Ho

This dataset relates to the thesis submitted to HKU about "Label-free morphological profiling of immune cells: methods and applications". The thesis aims to explore the T cell activation progress with high-throughput, ultrafast scanning QPI imaging flow cytometry, multiplexed Asymmetric-detection Time-stretch Optical Microscopy (multi-ATOM), to demonstrate optobiophysical profiling could be done by gathering single T cell optobiophysical morphological features at large scale. The thesis reported the high-resolution, single-cell images obtained from multi-ATOM were able to identify crucial optobiophysical profiles of T cell activations, between resting states and activation states, in addition to T cell subtypes (CD4+ and CD8+) profile changes from early to late stage of activation, with dataset uploaded in the HKU datahub. This illustrated the unrevealed capability of applying QPI toward large-scale immunological studies in the future such as screening the efficacy of engineered T cells towards targeted cells, such as cancerous cells.


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