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Supporting data for "Visualizing Documentation for Collaborative Design in Knowledge Building Environment"

posted on 2024-05-09, 01:25 authored by Jialiang LiuJialiang Liu

In STEM education, the design that promotes STEM integration by helping students understand the connections between various STEM disciplines and enables them to develop more efficient solutions (Burghardt & Michael, 2004; Bybee, 2013; Fan & Yu, 2017), is often neglected in STEM projects (English et al., 2020). In addition, the existing documentation of the design journey often concentrate on final artifacts, rather than iterative characterized making activities (Tseng, 2016). To solve this problem, this dissertation introduced knowledge building approach to facilitate students’ visible documentation and collaborative design in STEM learning. Three round studies were implemented to support students’ STEM learning at a university in Mainland China. The designed knowledge building environment supported by Knowledge Forum facilitated students’ visible documentation and collaborative learning (Study one). The introduction of meta-discourse in knowledge building environment fostered students’ progressive discourse inquiry. Study three incorporated with design-based scaffold to help students scope the core problems, visible documentation, and collaboratively design the artifacts. With the facilitation of the scaffold, students had opportunities to reflect on visible documentation for problem and deficiencies detecting, which supported students iteratively refine their design and collaborative knowledge building practice.


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