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Reason: Interviews involving personal information, transcripts, audio recordings, and other sensitive and confidential contents.

Supporting data for "The Entrepreneurial Reforms of Chinese Universities in the Greater Bay Area: Experiences, Strategies, and Tensions"

posted on 2023-06-07, 08:49 authored by Junhua ZhuJunhua Zhu

This research has examined the experiences, strategies, and tensions of Mainland China’s universities in the GBA under the impact of entrepreneurial reforms. It attempts to elucidate how the traditional functions and classic ideas of the university have been transformed in entrepreneurial reforms in some Chinese universities. It has adopted mixed methods research that consists of an online survey and four case studies under the paradigm of pragmatism. 

Based on the research methods adopted, the dataset contains two files, "interview" and "questionnaire". The "interview" file contains information about the interviewees in the four case universities, different letters of invitation, individual audio recordings, and coded transcripts. The "questionnaire" file contains source data and a data analysis report of the questionnaires. 

As there are many sensitive and confidential contents about the participants, this dataset is needed to be embargoed permanently.


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