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Supporting data for "Development of RNA Proximity Labeling Approaches Mediated by Fluorogenic Photosensitizers"

posted on 2023-06-23, 06:53 authored by Lan LiLan Li

This dataset contains four subfiles, including 1) Organic synthesis of fluorogenic photosensitizers. Detailed synthetic routes of a series of malachite green derivatives and Hoechst-conjugated dibromofluorescien are recorded with the purification processes. 2) In vitro photophysical characterization of the synthetic compounds and the complex forming by binding to protein and DNA, including the UV-Vis absorption spectra, fluorescence spectra, and ROS detecting assays; 3) bacteria-related experiments which detailly record plasmid construction, amplification, protein expression, and purification; 4) mammalian cell-related experiments, including the microscope imaging of the synthetic compounds in live cells and visualization of the in situ labeling, analysis of protein and RNA isolated from labeled cells via western blot, in-gel fluorescence, dot blot, etc..


Near-infrared light inducible toolbox for RNA localization studies in living cells

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An integrative approach to study RNA/protein translocation in living cells

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