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supporting data for ALKBH1-regulated 6mA DNA methylation affects human early embryo lineage segregation via TGF-β-signalling pathway using human EPSC as a model

posted on 2023-09-11, 03:10 authored by Xinning HuXinning Hu

The uploaded datasets encompass a diverse range of valuable information. Firstly, they include a collection of cell images that vividly capture the dynamic changes in cell morphology throughout the process of differentiation. These images offer valuable insights into the visual cues and transformations that occur at the cellular level.

Secondly, the datasets comprise RT-qPCR data, which provide a comprehensive overview of messenger RNA expression levels. This quantification of gene expression offers a deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying cellular differentiation, shedding light on the intricate regulatory pathways involved.

Furthermore, the dot blotting data within the datasets offer a glimpse into the DNA methylation levels. This information is crucial for unraveling the epigenetic modifications that play a pivotal role in gene regulation during differentiation. By examining the patterns of DNA methylation, researchers can discern the impact of these modifications on cellular behavior and phenotype.

Lastly, the datasets include Western blotting data, which furnish valuable insights into the protein expression levels. This quantitative assessment of protein abundance enables researchers to identify key regulatory proteins and signaling pathways associated with cellular differentiation. By understanding the changes in protein expression, scientists can unravel the intricate network of molecular events orchestrating the differentiation process.

In summary, the uploaded datasets provide a multidimensional perspective on cellular differentiation, incorporating cell morphology, gene expression, DNA methylation, and protein expression. These comprehensive datasets serve as a valuable resource for researchers aiming to decipher the complex mechanisms governing cellular differentiation and its implications in various biological processes.