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Online Counselling and Psychosocial Interventions–Online interventions for people with mental health needs

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posted on 2021-07-19, 07:48 authored by Andrew J. Greenshaw
Webinar presented on 16 July 2021 as part of the learning activities of MSocSc course- SOWK6331/SOWK6056 Online Counselling and Psychosocial Interventions for digital generations.

Prof Andrew J. Greenshaw, PhD
Professor & Associate Chair of Psychiatry,
University of Alberta, Canada

About the speaker:
Prof Andrew Greenshaw has broad interests in biological and psychosocial areas in biological psychiatry and behavioural neuroscience, and his research focus includes
the application of machine-learning and data-mining to predict differential diagnosis and treatment responses in mental disorders.

Topic: Online interventions for people with mental health needs