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Supplementary movies and figures for geophysical flows impacting a flexible barrier system

posted on 2022-06-30, 02:53 authored by Yong Kong, Mingfu GuanMingfu Guan

The supplementary movies S1, S2, and S3 (presented in Figs. 1 and 2) show typical debris flow, debris avalanche, and rock avalanche impacting a flexible ring net barrier with vint = 6 m/s, respectively. 

As a supporting figure for Figs. 3b, 3c and 3d, Fig. S1 presents free surfaces of flowing layers and boundaries of dead zones measured at peak impacts for (a ~ d) DF, (e ~ h) DA and (i ~ l) RA cases near the slow-to-fast transitions. 

As a supplementary figure for Fig. 4, Fig. S2 presents the detailed barrier load-deformation cures until the peak barrier load is reached. It compares three Fr-dependent load-deflection modes of a flexible ring net barrier measured in all rock avalanche, debris avalanche and debris flow cases.


The University Grants Council of Hong Kong (RGC/GRF Project #27202419)

The National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project #51909227)