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Reason: 1. The research data I have uploaded contains unpublished data. 2. The teachers agreed to participate in my study on the condition that their personally identifiable information should be carefully removed from any publications.Due to the fact that the multimedia materials contained in the uploaded data contain faces and real names, as well as school names, "File-1-Observation" should be permanently embargoed. 3. The data collected include privacy-sensitive information, such as teachers' talk about their past, how they perceive themselves, and how they view their colleagues and the workplace. To ensure the participants' privacy, "File-2-Interview", should be permanently embargoed. 4. Documents generated by teachers for research, such as their lesson designs, are their personal intellectual property, and the teachers have explicitly informed me that their consent is required to use them. There is a need to permanently embargo "File-3-Document" per the teachers' wishes.

Supporting data for "Teacher identity development in STEM professional development settings: A multi-case study in China"

posted on 2022-10-31, 06:04 authored by Shudan ZhengShudan Zheng

The data was collected for a qualitative study about STEM teacher identity development in their participation in a STEM PD program organized in China. 

Research questions include:

RQ1-  In what ways and to what extent does professional development affect the development of a STEM teacher’s identity?

RQ2-  How does a STEM teacher’s identity relate to their teaching practices in secondary school?

Multiple types of data are collected to address the research questions, including:

Vodio and audio records collected from observations of teacher professional development activities and teachers' STEM classes, fieldnotes are taken during observations as well. 

Multiple times of interviews are conducted with participants, transcripts are provided in this dataset.

Documents were also collected, including teachers' lesson plans, written reflections, and other teaching materials they prepared for their STEM classes. 


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