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Supporting data for the manuscript " Revealing the hybrid discrete-continuum mechanisms of soil bed failure and transport by collisional granular geophysical flows" by Jiang

posted on 2023-07-03, 04:25 authored by Pengjia SongPengjia Song, Yupeng Jiang, Clarence Edward ChoiClarence Edward Choi, Jinhyun Choo

The data included in this repository were recorded or measured in laboratory experiments for the erosion and transport of coarse-grain flows on dry sand. It consists of the following parts:

(1) Erodible section topography – the surface topography of the eroded sand bed measured using a 3D scanner.

(2) Collisional stress – the normal force generated by coarse-grain flows measured by the basal force plate with normalization of plate area.

(3) Video of erosion and transport process – the videos recorded from the side-view of the erodible section to monitor the erosion and transport process induced by the collisional grains.


Research grant council of Hong Kong (86816210219)


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