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Two Exhibitions between Two Strikes: Exhibiting Hong Kong at the British Empire Exhibition 1924-25 (Item Collection) | 兩次大罷工之間的兩次博覽會:在英京賽會展示香港(藏品)

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posted on 2022-08-29, 02:59 authored by Gary Pui-fung Wong

This is an archival cum research project on Hong Kong’s participation in the British Empire Exhibition in the 1920s. 

In 1924 and 1925, the British Empire Exhibition was held at Wembley Park in London to promote cooperation within the British Empire. Hong Kong took part, with its own exhibition area – the Hong Kong Section – which was the only comprehensive showcase of Hong Kong to take place in Britain during the colonial era. 

The exhibition occurred at a time of great ferment in Hong Kong. In the 1920s, British imperialism and Chinese nationalism shaped the city’s sociopolitical environment. Two large general strikes, both of which involved two major political parties from China (the Communist Party of China and the Nationalist Party), also took place in Hong Kong before and during the exhibition. The organising of the Hong Kong Section, the design of the pavilion, the exhibits, and the contemporary responses in both Britain and Hong Kong all reflect Hong Kong’s relationship with Britain and China in the 1920s. 

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Funded by the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust, this project catalogued and digitalised more than 180 archival items that Dr. Gary Pui-fung Wong collected, reviewed the exhibition’s organising process, as well as examined the representation of Hong Kong in Britain at the time. A mini-exhibition was held at Brent Civic Centre in London,  in 2020-2022, with the support from the Knowledge Exchange Fund of the University of Hong Kong, Brent Council and Wembley History Society. A two-part multimedia retrospective exhibition was held in Hong Kong in 2021-2022, funded by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. 

The book catalogue of this collection received Honourable Mention in Art and Culture Books of Creative Communication Award 2021 and selected as the Finalist in the History: General category of the 2021 International Book Awards.

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Part of the digitalised image collection is shared on the DataHub. More information can be found below: 

Full item collection:

Exhibition website: 

Book catalogue: 

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在衞奕信勳爵文物信託的贊助下,這項計劃編整及數碼化超過 180項的藏品(由黃培烽博士收集),回顧博覽會的舉辦過程,並分析當時的英國如何展示香港。在2020至2022期間,在香港大學知識交流基金、布倫特地方政府(Brent Council )及溫布萊歷史學會(Wembley History Society)的支持下,在倫敦布倫特文娛中心(Brent Civic Centre)進行了小型展覽 。在香港藝術發展局贊助下,在2021至2022年期間在香港舉行了 多媒體回顧展(兩部曲)

這次計劃的藏品集榮獲2021年度Creative Communication Award 藝術及文化書籍榮譽獎(Honourable Mention in Art and Culture Books)及入圍2021年度國際圖書奬(International Book Awards)「歷史:一般類別」決選(Finalist in the History: General category)。

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