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JULAC Webinar Series: Easily access scholarly articles and stay up to date with BrowZine and LibKey Nomad

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posted on 2023-03-15, 08:25 authored by John Seguin

This session will focus on two tools available to you from your library that make accessing articles and staying up to date with your scholarly reading easier than ever before. First, we’ll talk about LibKey Nomad, a browser extension that automatically creates access to scholarly material you may come across on the open web and directs you back to get the material through your library in a single click. Next we’ll look at BrowZine - a powerful tool designed to help you stay up to date with your favorite scholarly journals on both the desktop as well as iOS and Android devices. Find journals of interest, organize a bookshelf of your favorites and automatically receive a weekly e-mail digest letting you know of new articles released. This session will cover overviews of these services as well as how to get started finding and installing them on your own devices.

Date of Webinar: 15 March 2023 (Wednesday)

John Seguin is the President and co-founder of Third Iron, LLC and the designer of both the LibKey and BrowZine services. Started over 10 years ago, Third Iron services today are used at more than 1,400 organizations and by more than 15 millions users around the world. His goal is to develop useful tools to make scholarship easier by automating and introducing AI to all of the “messy bits” associated with library systems so that researchers can focus on the content that’s important to them. 


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