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DYCORS algorithm -- Supporting material for the journal article "A New Simulation-Optimization Framework for Estimation of Submarine Groundwater Discharge Based on Hydrodynamic Modeling and Isotopic Data"

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posted on 2022-11-28, 06:30 authored by Juliane Muller

Estimation of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) has traditionally relied on isotopic mass balance calculation, which is a form of regional box modeling. Here we propose an entirely new approach for SGD estimation by coupling a general marine hydrodynamic simulation model with a global optimization algorithm. 


DYCORS (DYnamic COordinate search using Response Surface models) is a surrogate-based optimization approach for high-dimensional, expensive, and black-box function’s optimization (Regis & Shoemaker, 2013). Because of its effectiveness and adaptability, the application of DYCORS is useful for hydrogeological modeling calibration and optimization. DYCORS was applied as the optimization algorithm for the estimation of submarine groundwater discharge based on hydrodynamic modeling and isotopic data in Daya Bay. The code was downloaded originally from


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