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Supporting data for “Thermo-hydro-mechanical (THM) coupling in fractured/porous geomaterials”

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posted on 2022-05-16, 03:49 authored by Xin CuiXin Cui

  DDFS3D is a set of open-source code which utilizes DDM (displacement discontinuity method), FSM (fictitious stress method) and the hybrid of DD-FS to efficiently and accurately simulate fractures embedded in large 3D domains. DDFS3D is developed in Fortran language with a number of modules to hold subroutines and variables. CPU
acceleration with OpenMP library is in place. Boundary conditions, covering a range of stress, displacement and the hybrid of the two, are supported by DDFS3D. Far-field (in-situ) stress can also be applied. The joint element is available to account for the elastic behavior of fracture
gouge/asperity in normal and tangential directions. Note that the current version of DDFS3D does not provide any pre- or post-processing functions. Users have to prepare the mesh beforehand and rely on other programs/codes to visualize the results. In addition, the OpenMP library has to be
compiled together with the source codes of DDFS3D to enable CPU acceleration. Otherwise, DDFS3D will be run in a serial manner.