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Blessing Adeoti

Structural Geologist


  • Litho-structural analysis of eastern part of Ilesha schist belt, Southwestern Nigeria
  • Structural Geology of the Basement Complex Rocks in Iwaraja Area, Southwestern Nigeria
  • Structural evolution of Iwaraja shear zone, southwestern Nigeria
  • Palynomorphs of the First Down-Hole Shale Occurrence in Three Contiguous Basins in Nigeria: Implication on the K-Pg Boundary
  • Identifying geochemical anomalies and spatial distribution of gold and associated elements in the Zuru Schist Belt, northwest Nigeria
  • Element mobility as a proxy for delineating shear zone boundaries in orogenic belts: A case study of Iwaraja shear zone, southwestern Nigeria
  • Geomorphology of contractional salt tectonics along the Kuqa fold-thrust belt, northwestern China: Testing pre-kinematic diapir versus source-fed thrust and detachment fold models

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Marie Catherine Genge

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