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Supporting data for “Efficient Energy Extraction of Salinity Gradient Power through A Reverse-Electrodialysis System”

posted on 2023-07-11, 04:30 authored by Zhihong YanZhihong Yan

Salinity gradient power (SGP) derived from sea and fresh water through reverse electrodialysis (RED) is an emerging discipline with huge potential for carbon-free energy harvesting. SGP technology is still in an infant stage and there is a need for accurate models to study its energy harvesting process and describe its electrical performance. The data in experiment 1 include time, stack voltage, and current, which are used to fix the value of the model parameters. Moreover, maximum power point tracking techniques are of great significance to efficiently utilize SGP through RED stacks.The data in experiment 2 include time, stack voltage, current, and also the attainable electric power under the MPPT control. They are used to validate the effectiveness of the proposed MPPT technique. Last but not least, a single-input multiple-output inverter with decoupled control is necessary to deliver power from the stack to output loads. The data in experiment 3 comprise of several figures of operation waveforms under different operating conditions. They are used to validate the feasibility and effectiveness of the designed power interface as well as the decoupled control method.


C7051-17G from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region, People's Republic of China