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Transformation Platform

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posted on 2022-02-09, 01:44 authored by Dicky Yat Kin Chau, Xin Li, Tony Huan Long Chen, Chia Yun Huang
This report explores a learning and self-improvement platform named Transformation, which utilizes current and emerging technologies to augment online learning. Qualitative research with existing data is applied for this Case Study Project Report. Transformation plans to engage in the market space by networking learners with content providers, combining technologies in IoT, Big Data, AI and neurosciences to revolutionize learning and self-improvement, creating new thinking, products, businesses and consumer behaviors along the way.

To provide background and context in self-improvement, this report first explores major religions and philosophies on human amelioration and enlightenment, to understand early traditions, behavioral guidelines and practices for human and societies to excel.

Overall, Transformation Platform has the capacity to change the notion of learning and self-improvement, with the potential to truly transform and elevate mankind. On the business side, this has the potential to generate and popularize new ideas, devices and markets relating to learning and self-improvement, thereby creating new business opportunities, markets and industries. Transformation Platform aims to be the “only” place where everyone goes for learning on the internet, as well as the location where “all” learning contents are shared.


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